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Under The Sea Bundle


Under The Sea Bundle

Build, Learn, Play!

Product Details

Dive down to the bottom of the ocean with our extraordinary Under The Sea Bundle! Including two of our best-selling items the 'Create Your Own Snappy Shark' activity and the 'Create Your Own Deep Blue Seascape' project, you will be fully immersed in all life down below - All with 20% off the price of each individual item! 

Item 1: Create Your Own Snappy Shark

Did you know that sharks don't have any bones? They are 'the king of the ocean'. Build your own shark- and make it swim from wall to wall! Two pieces- a head and and it's tail.  Perfect for hanging on your wall! Featuring 15 shark card pieces and no scissors or glue necessary! Perfect for children aged 7+

Please note: Accessories are not included

Item 2: Create Your Own Deep Blue Seascape 

    A wall chart, showing the variety of life under the ocean waves, a thrilling board game, and playful activities. The wall chart includes 3D submarines, boats, and sea-dwellers. On the flip side, there is an action packed, educational board game suitable for all ages, letting play and education go hand in hand! The project includes 1 seascape / board game and 34 seascape card pieces, with no scissors or glue necessary! Ideal for children aged 7+

    Please note: Accessories are not included